Python Programming Language

Write a function called addDict(dict 1,dict 2 ) which computes the union of to dictionaries. it should return a new dictionary, with all the items in both its argument. if the same key appear in both arguments, feel free to pick a value from either.

Create a dictionary whose keys are month name and whose values are number of days in the corresponding month:
(a) Ask the user to enter the month name and use the dictionary to tell how many days are in month.
(b) Print out all of the keys in alphabetical order.
(c) Print out all of the month with 31 days.
(d) Print out the (key - value) pair sorted by the number of the days in each month.

Write python that create a tuple storing first 9 term of Fibonacci series .

Write a short python code segment that swaps the values assigned to these two variable and print the results.

Write a program that creates a list of all integers less then 100 that are multiples of 3 or 5 .

Write a short python code segment that print the longest word in the list of the word.

Write a program rotates the elements of a list so that the element at the first index moves to the second index, the element in the second index moves to the third index, etc., and the element in the last index moves to the first index.

Write a program that takes Any two lists L and M of the same size and adds their elements together to form a new list N whose elements are sums of the corresponding elements in L and M. For instance, if L = [3, 1, 4] and M = [1, 5, 9], then N should equal [4,6,13].

Write a program that should prompt the user to type some sentence(s) followed by "enter". It should then print the original sentence(s) and the following statistics relating to the sentence(s) :
 Number of words
 Number of characters (including white-space and punctuation)
 Percentage of characters that are alphanumeric
 Assume any consecutive sequence of non-blank characters is a word.

Write a program that prompts for a phone number of 10 digits and two dashes, with dashes after the area code and the next three numbers. For example, 017-555-1212 is a legal input. Display if the phone number entered is valid format or not and display if the phone number is valid and not (i.e., contains just the digits and dash at specific places.

Python Program to Print all Prime Numbers in an Interval

Python Program to Check Armstrong Number

Python Program to Compute Compound Interest

Python program to create a random number generator which generate random number between 1 and 6

Python program to print multiplication table of any number

Python Program for Bubble Sort

Python Program for Selection Sort

Python Program for Quick Sort

Python Program for Insertion Sort

Python Program for Linear Search

Python Program for Binary Search (Recursive and Iterative)

Python Program to Find ASCII Value of Character

Python Program for nth multiple of a number in Fibonacci Series.

Python Program To find if a number is Fibonacci or not.

Write a program that reads two times in military format (0900, 1730) and prints the number of hours and minutes between the two times.

Write another program printing a table with two columns that helps convert pounds in kilograms.

Write a program that prints a table on two columns — table that helps converting miles into kilometers.

Write a program that reads a date as an integer in the format MMDDYYYY. The program will call a function that prints print out the date in the format <Month Name> <day>, <year>.

Write a program that reads an integer N from the keyboard computes and displays the sum of the numbers from N to (2 * N) if N is nonnegative. If N is a negative number, then it's the sum of the numbers from (2 * N) to N. The starting and ending points are included in the sum.

One foot equals 12 inches. Write a function that accepts a length written in feet as an argument and returns this length written in inches. Write a second function that asks the user for a number of feet and returns this value. Write a third function that accepts a number of inches and displays this to the screen. Use these three functions to write a program that asks the user for a number of feet and tells them the corresponding number of inches.

Write a program that asks the user the day number in a year in the range 2 to 365 and asks the first day of the year — Sunday or Monday or Tuesday etc. Then the program should display the day on the day-number that has been input.

Write a Python program that accepts two integers from the user and prints a message saying if first number is divisible by second number or if it is not.

Write a Python program that calculates and prints the number of seconds in a year.

Write a program that returns True if the input number is an even number, False otherwise.

Python Program to Check Prime Number

Program that reads a line and prints its statistics like:
Number of uppercase letters:
Number of lowercase letters:
Number of alphabets:
Number of digits:

Write a program to print one of the words negative, zero, or positive, according to whether variable x is less than zero, zero, or greater than zero, respectively.