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A content writer is someone with a good command over the language and grammar. However, just having a linguistic ability is not enough. The person needs to understand the target audience, good research ability and a flair to express in a language that everyone can understand.

Typically, a content writer works on the company’s website, blogs, marketing communication corporate communication, creative writing, press-briefs, internal and external communication, etc.

Apart from these, content writers also maintain various social media platforms of the company.

Prepare for the role, the candidate needs to write as much as he/she can. It will help improve your English as well as publishing them will help you build an online portfolio.

Apart from this, learn about SEO, SMO, keyword research and integration with the help of various tutorials online.

The good thing is nowadays, every business is going digital and hence there is a lot of scope for content writing. There is tremendous scope to build a career in the field of content.

Content writing is writing that sticks to the content. Content writing can be of any form but the most famous one is the digital content writing where you write content for online content on blogs and pages and even those links you see on Facebook.

So to develop these skills you need to observe and learn by practice, first you should take up reading more of such write-ups that are essentially content rich and are addressed in a very professional manner.

The other ways by which you can develop your skills related to content writing will be:

1. Reading a lot of content writing.

2. Try and write a write up about any content you find comfortable more often.

3. Read the newspaper for a better knowledge about the content and language.

4. Enrich your vocabulary of words and phrases .

5.Good command over language’s. example: English or any reginal language.

6.Content writing is made of 3 major factors: Topic, idea and view.

7.Consistency plays a very important role. have consistency in reading and writing at least 500 words daily initially on any topic of your choice.

8.Once you get a hang of it try writing blogs online. There ample of free platforms where you can share your articles with others.

9.If you want to get certified as a content writer there are a lot of options which you should try before pitching for a course, try LinkedIn free trial courses which gets you certified and also gives you basic idea and tips on such courses.

10. Good understanding over how online content works

11.Search engine optimization

12.Keyword Research

13.Checking plagiarism

14.Structure of good content

15.Different types of content for different purpose

16.Do Your Research

17.Write an Amazing Headline

18.Create a Hook That Grabs Their Attention

19.Focus on a Single Purpose

20.Write in a Unique Voice

21.Edit Your Work

22.Write about demand-driven topics. If no one cares about what you write about, then you’ll fail to reach an audience. So you need to reverse-engineer your audience to understand what problems they have and how you can serve them.

23.Keep readers engaged. It takes incredible skill not only to reach an

audience but to have them consume your information. You need to respect your audience's time and provide immense value as concisely as possible.

24.To brush up all your basic knowledge by understanding the basic content and its topic.

25.While writing the content, you should always verify the facts

26.You should always think before you write, which should be interesting and draw the attention of the people who are reading it.

27.Read blogs, articles and novels.

28.Writing about the content in which you are more comfortable,

29.Learning online through various websites/platforms.

30.Gaining experience in this field by doing internships.

There are two types of content writers:

1. Copies from the other blogs than write.

2. Understand the concept first by asking people related to their niche or reading books or watching the detailed video.

You will never be a skilled writer if you are the first one.

And if you're the second person to grasp the notion, then just concentrate on how to express it to someone.

Here's a tip to go along with it: (Don't attempt to be a professional writer; use your own words.)

I would recommend you try reading these blogs:

· HubSpot

· Backlinko

· BuzzSumo

· Moz

· SEMrush


Here you can get the fundamental idea of how content works and its value in today’s world. The competition in the online industry and stuff like that.

Most people think Content writing is all about Article and Blog writing.

But there are several types of contents we see every day around us and here I am sharing some of the types of contents.

Types of Content or Content Writing

Article – Article is one of the most popular types of content. An article is full of information, it based on research and data. But it also should be creative that how you present your research in a way that reaches a massive audience.

Blog – Blog writing is another popular types of content in the market. Blogs are all about personal experience, it can be anything. You must have read blogs by many travel blogs, food blogs who write about their experience with a personal touch.

Press Release – Press Releases have a more professional approach as compare to Articles and Blogs. It’s a content about especially tells about launch products, an event, or other happening in business or company.

Brochures – Brochure are one of the most popular and old ways to market your service. We all must have seen Brochure in Hotels, Collages or somewhere else. Brochure’s content also a part of content writing that targets a specific audience. Content is written based on a particular service or product.

Pamphlets – Pamphlets are another popular marketing trend for a long time. Pamphlet’s content also written by content writers that use to promote and aware of Service offers, Courses, Hotel Packages, etc.

SOP – SOP stands for Statement of Purpose, a kind of essay that shows your qualification and research work during School or Graduation level. It’s a kind of letter that students submit to universities during their admission process.

Social Media Writing – Yes, we read everything on big company’s Social Media profiles written by content writers. You have to be more creative to write social media writings.

Product Description – It’s another kind of writing where writers, write about products for e-Commerce and company websites.

Review – We all do online shopping and read reviews before buying anything. Writers get paid to write book reviews, product review and movie reviews.

Several points always need to keep in mind to become a Content writer.

Practice – You have to practice writing daily as it will put in difficulties and lack of ideas then follow the next point.

Reading – This is also as important as practising writing. Try to read a lot and it will give ideas, helps to improve vocabulary and make you creative. You can read newspapers, magazines, blogs, book or anything.

Make it Simple – Yes you may have a good vocabulary but avoid using difficult words. Just write simple content and use easy vocabulary. You should always make sure everyone able to understand and relate to your content.

Find you’re Niche – Writing is all about sharing your thoughts about your interest in words. So, you have to find your niche as if you write something about you are interested then you can write more and better.

Do Keyword Research – Once you are ready with your niche then do proper keyword research and chose keywords then start writing.

Content writing is any modern internet writing publicly available for audiences to read.

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