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Internship at Programming With Maurya(PWM)

Where can I find internships opportunities at PWM?

Find all jobs on our Internship Program .

Please ensure you have fully reviewed the internship specification you are applying for and if you meet the minimum qualifications please make sure this is visible within your resume.

Do I get to choose my location for an internship or university-graduate role?

You’re able to state your preferences, but all internship opportunities and university-graduate positions are based on what is available at the time.

What will the timing, or the potential start date, of my internship be?

Internships are usually 3 to 6 months long. Start and end times can vary by role — check with your recruiter regarding your precise start and end dates.

I’ve applied for an internship before. Is the application process any different for me?

The process for all applicants is the same, regardless of how far you previously progressed in the interview process.

Will I need a visa for an internship based outside of my country of residence?

Visa requirements differ across our internships. The job description will usually provide insight into whether a visa is required. Once you pass the initial screening stage, your recruiter will provide more information.

Application details

What does a complete application look like?

Each job description outlines what’s necessary. Generally, a complete application includes:

  • A resume with a visible graduation date (month and year)

  • Undergraduate/graduate course name

I’ve gained new skills since I applied. Can I update my resume?